Renmark Paringa Council's - STARCLUB Community Development Officer

STARCLUB Community Development OFFICER (SCDO)
Hayley Ashworth is the STARCLUB Community Development Officer for Renmark Paringa Council. Hayley currently works Monday – Thursday between the hours of 8:30am - 4:00pm . To contact Hayley email or phone 0455 532 966 / 8580 3000.
In partnership with the Office for Recreation and Sport, the STARCLUB Community Development Officer role has been created by the Renmark Paringa Council to provide support and direction to local community groups, clubs and associations. The role enables community and sporting groups, clubs and associations within the district to have a direct person whom they can contact regarding all of there issues and council enquiries, including lease enquiries, funding and licencing, and matters requiring support.
The STARCLUB Community Development Officer aims to assists these groups, clubs and associations for them to be well managed, sustainable, better able to meet their legislative requirements, be financially stable, have a strong membership base and have access to and retain volunteers.
The STARCLUB Community Development Officer plans to hold regular workshops and sessions on relevant topics and will invite specialists to present them. They will also be able to offer support via mentoring, supplying information, direct the groups to resources, financial incentives, and access to specialists.
We look forward to being in contact with you to help support your group.
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